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Travel Assistance

Travel Assistance Services

Provide emergency medical and travel assistances,
24 hours a day and 7 days a week around the world,
by contacting Travel Assistance

1. Travel Assistance Services

  • Pre-trip Information Services
    Travel Assistance will provide the insured with basic travel advice concerning the planned
    trip and information about the intended destination.
  • Weather and Exchange Rate Information
    Information about weather conditions and exchange rates.
  • Visa Information
    Information regarding Visa requirements for foreign countries.
  • Embassy Referral
    Information about the contact details/opening hours of Embassies worldwide.
  • Airline Regulation Information
    Information and advice about Airline Company Regulations.
  • Flight Schedules, Flight Reservations and Re-scheduling
    Information and advice regarding flight schedules, flight reservations and re-scheduling.
  • Legal Referral
    When required, Travel Assistance shall provide the insured with the name, address and
    telephone number of local lawyers. Wherever possible, we shall provide the insured with
    two or more lawyers. The final selection of a lawyer shall be the responsibility of the insured.
    Travel Assistance guarantees that the lawyers of the relevant jurisdiction are of good repute
    and have not been the subject of reprimand or malpractice proceedings.
  • Lost Passport Assistance
    If insured’s passport is lost, Travel Assistance shall assist the insured by providing
    information about how to report the loss and arrange for replacement.
  • Lost Luggage Retrieval
    If the insured’s luggage or personal items are lost, Travel Assistance, upon receiving the
    relevant information from the insured, will initiate a search to recover the lost items. The
    search shall involve liaison with the applicable police department, or for items lost in
    transit, contacting the responsible people in the company with whom the insured was
  • Roaming Information
    Information about roaming while the insured is abroad.
  • Translator / Interpreter Service
    If insured requires the services of a translator, Travel Assistance will source and arrange
    translation services worldwide.
  • Personal Data Services
    Travel Assistance can help keeping customer’s personal IT data while the customer is

Travel Assistance Services by Allianz Global Assistance.
Managed by AWP Services (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

* The above services are purely on referral or arrangement basis. The Insured Person shall be responsible for any third-party expenses, unless otherwise covered under the policy.

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